posted by davidt on Monday November 02 2009, @04:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Ganglord / Cemetry Gates / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Teenage Dad On The Estate / Ask / Irish Blood, English Heart / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Is It Really So Strange? / The Loop / Because Of My Poor Education / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Fantastic gig.Lively crowd.Haven't seen him since 1992 so it was worth the wait.Someone else will post the set list.
    Morrissey was superb.He looks fit.Little chatter between songs.Band were tight.
    Funniest incident was the near riot at the end for the shirt.Various people got thrown out by security.
    Heavy security going in.Metal detectors and body search.Christ,it's only Salisbury not the Bronx!
    Doll and The Kicks were good.Er..that's it.My ribs hurt and I've lost hearing.Sign of an excellent gig me thinks.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 02 2009, @04:10PM (#342079)
  • Set list.... (Score:3, Informative)

    As taken from soundboard guy on the way out...
    1. Charman
    2. Black cloud
    3. Carol
    4. HSIN?
    5. Ganglord
    6. Cemetery
    7. Paris
    8. Teenage dad
    9. ASK
    10. Irish
    11. Why don't you
    12. One day good
    13. Elbow
    14. Bores
    15. Is it really
    16. Loop
    17. Education
    18. I'm OK
    Enc.. First.

    Thats it, great gig, great music, great atmosphere. Met great people throughout the evening. Tea and toast time now.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 02 2009, @04:44PM (#342085)
    • Forged tickets..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 02 2009, @05:17PM
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      • Re: Ask by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 03 2009, @12:55AM
  • Nice place (Score:2, Interesting)

    I drove down from Reading and I really enjoyed this one, venues like this really make going to shows worth while. I was in the gods at the Albert Hall so this was much more like it.
    I really think the set list works, some good oldies now and still some of the newer crowd pleasers.
    I was thinking about going to Ally PAlly to try my luck getting a ticket before venturing into europe for Lille and Berlin, but after seeing a show like this Ally Pally doesn't seem as appealing.
    It's always good to go to smaller towns where Moz appearing is more of an event I feel.
    All good for my 45th show.
    Any idea what the record was that was Moz was given during Ask? He turned and said, "I've already got it" as the song was finishing?
    Whalley Range -- Monday November 02 2009, @05:08PM (#342087)
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    • Re:Nice place by DIBSY (Score:1) Tuesday November 03 2009, @02:30PM
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    • Re:Nice place by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 04 2009, @02:08PM
  • Great gig, sound at times seemed a bit overpowering, like too loud for the PA system, but in general, pretty excellent. Doll & The Kicks were utter c***! I'm sorry, i hate to be cruel, but Morrissey always seems to have terrible supports....But Moz was looking well, and gave a great show, Could have chatted a bit more, can't have it all. Why Don't You Find Out, was for me the highpoint.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 02 2009, @05:12PM (#342088)
    • Re:Great by Behind the Hatred (Score:1) Tuesday November 03 2009, @12:26PM
  • Just got back! Doll and the Kicks were just fabulous! This band will go far! So many people tonight were there supporting them.
    Morrissey was on good form and the band was as good as ever. I was as close as I have ever been to the stage and got some great video shots. Morrissey not his usual chatty self but still on good form. A few problems with the sound (I thought). Only one shirt change. Mentioned how lovely Salisbury was "you who live here know". I live here, and yes, it is!
    The only problem for me was the rather very tall man right at the front that obscured the view for many of us, especially the really lovely little lady right behind him (who hit me in the head at one point but non verbally apologised to me by rubbing my head).
    I took along a non Morrissey fan for the only reason that I could not sell my ticket to anyone (even on here for no charge) and she has left an absolute convert (result!!!).
    Went to the pub after (Kings Head) where a lot of the fans ended up. Met people who had travelled from far to be there tonight.
    Took my 15 year old son who thoroughly enjoyed himself and got a guitar pick thrown at him! He has been a Morrissey/Smiths fan for a few years now and told me that the band were the dogs bollocks!!!
    I can say, one of the best Morrissey gigs I have attended (been to 5 now).
    Thanks to all the lovely people who attended tonight that made the gig that little bit more special.
    He may never come back to Salisbury, but am glad he came to see me in my home town, and I thank him for that.
    I love you Morrissey! You made this lady very happy tonight! xxx
    dbowie -- Monday November 02 2009, @05:23PM (#342091)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • Come Seattle, and we get a new set list!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Moz with all my heart, and I would be satisfied with the set, but I will bet we will get the first of the real SWORDS tour! In other news, its great to hear Moz in great form and looking fit as always, and I am orange from a spray tan that went awry...wish me luck with the lemon juice and salt scrub! Viva Moz!!!
    vile bitch <[email protected]> -- Monday November 02 2009, @05:41PM (#342095)
    (User #21125 Info)
    Uniformed Whore
  • Morrissey asked us . . . when we are on our knees praying tonight, we must not forget him.

    Morrissey, I was praying for you at the stage door on that Saturday night and have not stopped since . . . . and will continue to pray for you with love and light . . . and for the post to be delivered safely to you, mon beau amor . . :)

    Saw you by your car as you left . . as Sheffield.


    Piccadily -- Monday November 02 2009, @07:17PM (#342104)
    (User #22795 Info)
  • What a fantastic gig.We got close to the stage ,but not close enough to shake his hand.Moz was out of this world , was in fine spirits.Saw him come out after the gig.He had a grey jacket on and quickly shot in the back of a silver car.Ace gig,thanks Moz.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @01:27AM (#342121)
  • Loved last night Moz, you were on top form!!! Was one from the front right in the middle. Got a hand shake from the great man and just generally loved every minute. PA was a bit weak but I didn't care I was too busy having an absolute ball. Thanks to Lottie and Charlie for being so cool. Got some great vid during So Strange, I'll post soon!!

    Love you Moz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    absent logic -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @02:24AM (#342125)
    (User #23077 Info)
  • Top gig so much better than the albert Hall. Prob my last Moz gig after 28 occasions and what a way to go out. Everyone seemed up for it in a good natured way. Even the grumpy bloke who caught the setlist at the end while protecting his daughter/ mrs. Cheers Moz. Only play venues like this please
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @04:21AM (#342135)
  • The Loop !!! Yes!!! Nice to have that one back, Now a few more Rockabilly inspired gems please Morrissey, and i'll be happy.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @04:22AM (#342136)
  • Good, not great (Score:2, Insightful)

    First time in Salisbury and it is certainly a lovely venue. I normally see him in London but in recent times have been trying to get to other places too because the atmosphere is normally better.

    Was surprised by the tight security on the way in but it didn't spoil anything and they were friendly enough so no problem.

    I thought Doll & the Kicks were good. Certainly one of the best Morrissey supports of recent years, which in itself isn't saying a lot admittedly, but people were really getting into it by the end of their set.

    The crowd seemed a lot older than others I have been to. Not many big groups of young people that you often get. There was still a lot of movement and pushing towards the front though, which is fine by me. You have to expect it and its all part of the fun really.

    The set was pretty good. I always love hearing The Loop live and that was probably my favourite again this time. Again I would have personally rather have heard some more older solo stuff, probably at the expense of some of the Smiths ones (although nice to hear Is it Really So Strange) but you can't have everything.

    Caught one of the drumsticks at the end which obviously a nice bonus too.

    Overall I would say this won't go down as one of my best ever Moz experiences, but it certainly wasn't the worst. I can't help but wonder how many more of these tours he will do though, and how many more he SHOULD really do.
    Richey <[email protected]> -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @05:58AM (#342143)
    (User #13337 Info)
  • I have lost count of the number of times that I have been to see Moz now but looking at the set list before this gig I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with it.
    Having waited since May I was hoping for a more inspiring list... However, he made the best out of the songs and, as always, put on a good show.
    Was it a s good as the Boxers tour at Salisbury? No. Was the security way over the top? Yes. Did the new songs, and I include Years of Refusal, show that the old ones are better? Hell YES!!
    Overall a good gig but could do better.....
    chutney -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @07:38AM (#342146)
    (User #23080 Info)
  • Great Night (Score:3, Insightful)

    This was my 5th gig this year, and to be honest I wasn't expecting too much, but I was soon to be proved wrong.

    Moz did a superb job and I think one of the best times Ive seen him. Enjoyed Teenage dad and HSIN and the return of Ask.

    Interesting to see some of the earlier posts about tall people, Im 6 foot and pretty well built, and sometimes feel a little guilty if ive got someone shorter than me behind, but theres not a huge amount i can do about it really!

    Managed to get second from the front, right over on the Boz side of the stage, and after many failed attempts managed to get my first handshake during FOTGTD. Sorry to the person infront, I probably crushed you a bit!

    The lady behind me said she caught it on camera and would post it or email me, if your'e reading this Id love to see it, my email address is [email protected]

    ma1979tt -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @08:53AM (#342151)
    (User #20400 Info)
  • Brilliant brilliant gig.I heard one poor bloke who caught Moz's shirt at the end , got his face punched for it. The guy said "all he had to do was ask for a bit of the shirt and i would have given him a bit of it".No need to punch him in the face.I saw Moz hear back in 1999.This gig was as good as that or if not better.Thinking about it i enjoyed this more.Cheers x Moz
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @09:31AM (#342152)
  • Without any sacrcasm aimed at me because i don't know,...could anyone tell me who the band of three blokes and a girl singer were on the film before Moz came on, and the bloke with the yellow shirt and groovy tie/cravat thing...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @09:57AM (#342153)
  • It's Teenage Dad on His Estate, not The Estate. Also, this setlist is full of crashing bores. Spice it up a bit, and for God's sake, play Shame is the Name and It's Not Your Birthday Anymore...the two best songs of his in ages!
    bpzmag -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @10:08AM (#342155)
    (User #22333 Info)
  • Morrissey was superb last night, i was mesmerised. He's sooooo beautiful. I feel sorry for other bands that think they're good, they should watch Morrissey to see how the jobs done.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @11:48AM (#342165)
  • So I travelled all over the place…. And this could be the end of the Morrissey live experience for me

    Arrived at 4:30 and wandered round Salisbury centre for a bit, saw the Cathedral gate I got stuck under once…my girlfriend who had easily squeezed through saying "try lifting it." Trying to lift a agate built in 1400?!?! Oh the memories of being locked in the grounds. All of 3 years ago. The police finally came to the rescue. I tried to erase all the memories by lighting up a doobie.

    Went into a pub, had a drink and watched the world go by. Not a lot happening to be honest. Went back to the hotel, got my ticket, went into the Spoons bar. A fair few fans in there, quiffs and baldness in equal measures! I sat alone, my thoughts and I… a Wetherspoons full of Morrissey fans... A dystopian utopia or maybe even eternal purgatory? Laughed to myself. Decided I'd actually watch the support band so off I trotted to the City Hall. Wished my mate was with me

    As I turned the corner I thought I'd arrived at a new airport, the security was that impressive. Frisked, pockets out (remainder of doobie hidden in tobacco pouch) suggested to the security chap they should have trays. Sympathised with Wiltshire council tax payers who are bound to see their bills increase two-fold!

    Walked into the venue, went to the bar, got a drink. Went and watched Doll and The Kicks. They were ok. Nothing spectacular. Would watch them again probably. Decided to go for a fag….wish I hadn't bothered!! Searched again.

    I asked the wristband man "Why all the security measures?"
    "We had a few problems in Swindon."
    NO S*** Sherlock I thought... "I heard. He fainted didn't he?"
    "Noooooor. (good West Country burr) problems With forged tickets."
    "Oh I see."
    Had a ciggie, got frisked again and fully intended to get another drink. Saw the orderly queue and decided against it. So watched the videos. Hadn't seen the Lou Reed one before, very good.

    And then showtime... Random memories.

    Was very pleased with my spot, about 6 or 7 rows Bozside (as it should now be known) This Charming Man…. La la la la. Could clearly see Moz's expressions throughout. Looked around, everyone enjoying themselves. Black Cloud, Carol hey I'm enjoying myself. So is everyone else. What a great venue. This is brilliant. "Sang" myself hoarse. Onwards onwards onwards…. The whole thing is a bit of a blur. I was sweating. Good signs. Ganglord. Teenage Dad. Absolutely!!! "Leave him alone"

    Why Don't You with the word "funny."
      Moz introducing the band, Jesse is an alright guitarist. No malice this time. Not that it was malicious last time. But...

    Not to put too fine a point on it The Smiths songs were ecstatically received. Death At One's Elbow came alive, Cemetry Gates and Ask provoked a welcome singsong, with hands raised. Moz comes over our side. Ah capture that face mentally boy. This could be the last time I see it IN THE FLESH. See my Hand. Etc etc

    "Home being Bournemouth, of course"
    "I'm sure it’s a nice palace. If you live here." (ha ha!)

    Paris. What an underrated single. The Loop. Lovely. Note I've dropped my key on the floor. D'oh. Pick them up and don't get pushed over. What a great crowd. These are proper hardcore. But they're loving it. Moz is loving it, the bands loving it. We're all loving it. Someone hands him a frinky sign. Oh dear I think.

      "I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell" an audience screams!

    Crikes I even liked Because Of My Poor Education. OK. OK. Revolvers yeh/// Oh he's effed up the bass on his solo (Phewf!)

    "Thank you for your patience." First Of the Gang. Shirt off, oh is he going to chuck it over here. I hope not. Teasing, tantalising. And there it goes. Moz looking buff. Was this man really at the point of no return last week? Band throw various items. The setlist is headed my way in a ball. My hand goes to reach it, this is gonna be mine. My final Moz gig quite possibly and I'm gonna get a memento after 25 or so previous occasi
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @12:24PM (#342168)
  • Fair play to whoever it was that got a crutch shake from Moz, everyone was straining for a handshake and Moz made a point of reaching out and shaking someone's crutch that had broken their leg or something. Very amusing!
    Whalley Range -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @02:56PM (#342178)
    (User #16734 Info)
    • Re:The crutch by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 03 2009, @03:25PM
  • Saw Moz at the RAH last week and Salisbury was a much better gig, Moz on great form, Band tight, lighting fantastic, crowd were in good spirits - what a great venue , great people - felt like seeing him in a school hall!
    JW -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @04:52PM (#342194)
    (User #23081 Info)
  • After traveling to Swindon from Torbay. and in May... This evening in Salisbury was Fantastic, seen him here before 1999 nov 22. Was equally as good. Last saw him at the G-mex xmas 2006.
    east of eden -- Wednesday November 04 2009, @01:27PM (#342274)
    (User #21981 Info)
  • At long last, after a wait due to cancellation, the gig finally arrived.

    Salsbury security was ridiculous on entering. A full frisk and emptying of pockets was required as well as being run over by a metal detector. Not the warmest of welcomes. Also they had some c*nt of a security woman who told us, after leaving for a cigarette, that we had to join the back of the cue even though we had qued once, entered and got wrist bands. Some sados really enjoy their job for the wrong reasons and should be welcoming to people paying their wages!

    Doll and the Kicks were fresh and interesting but that soon wavered after 3 songs they all sounded pretty much the same. also they were performing on the skinniest stage ive ever seen due to a curtain- made it abit amateurish.

    Moz took to the stage and seemed buzzing. his set began really strong and the crowd loved it but towards the middle (with the newer songs) he lost the crowd and obscure song after obscure song didnt make the greatest of performances for the crowd. Real highlight for me was How soon is now? which was performed very well.

    All in all an average gig- no great suprises- it was never gunna blow anyone away but it was entertaining if not wholly engaging. Moz should add stronger well known songs to setlist to ensure maximum interest and pleasure from audience- it makes sense...

    Doing one song for the encore is pure lazy, especially after doing a mere hour 10 gig!But this was the vibe I got from the show- not particularly well thought out, no alterations or attention given to new venue- just the same of the same applied in different places. Just seems lazy and uninterested in the fans and the people paying.

    I've no doubt the extreme millitant Moz fans will see him doing no wrong and will appreciate the different songs but at the end of the day he isnt just playing for anoraks- some people who go to see him do not have benevolent knowledge of all he has ever done and why avoid and leave out songs which has created him this success and caught people's ears originally?

    One qualm- the venue was brilliant- very chilld out and small but there was a number of people with big heads getting in the way (especially people who push in) can't be helped but they shouldnt squeeze past u just to block ur vision. there was almost meat-head murder!

    All in all Moz needs to up the anti- having such a strong and loyal fan base isnt enough and has- I fear- made him somewhat complacent. Would be nice to see bigger, well known songs to get the balance right as well as more thought going into setlist, performance and show. With all eyes on Moz due to current failings he did not impress overly... he could have done so much better!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 12 2009, @07:47PM (#343941)
  • Re:Swords (Score:3, Funny)

    Great site...but change your site name to and there you go.
    vile bitch <[email protected]> -- Monday November 02 2009, @07:52PM (#342109)
    (User #21125 Info)
    Uniformed Whore
  • Dump Jesse.

    Dump Solomon.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 02 2009, @09:24PM (#342115)
  • I don't quite understand! Morrissey had a dump, then sang a song, then had another dump, then sang another song..etc etc...!?
    I've seen him have a piss on stage between songs before, but never seen him 'do a Radcliffe!'... Interesting twist that....I like it !!

    Don't we Billy !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 03 2009, @04:58AM (#342141)
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