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  1. The Cat's Mother

    Knitted Morrissey Doll for Sale

    - - - Updated - - - See here for details: EDIT: Wow, that was fast! Sold! :)
  2. The Cat's Mother

    "Now My Heart Is Wool" Mini Moz Charity Calendar 2014

    The 2014 Mini Moz Charity calendars are now onsale! Usual thing - 13 shots of Mini Moz (with guest appearances by Knitted Boz and Knitted Johnny) doing silly things or swanning about in assorted places/outfits. Proceeds to Cats Protection. The calendars are £6 each, plus postage. Looking...
  3. The Cat's Mother

    Selling: Blank Dolls from My Knitted Morrissey Pattern

    Two blank dolls from the (always evolving) Knitted Morrissey pattern: I like the proportions but at 14" tall, they turned out too big for my purposes. Make your own Mini Moz or turn one into your hubby or that bus driver you're stalking. Price (each), delivered: £22 UK, £23 Europe/Eire, £24...
  4. The Cat's Mother

    Giffgaff Mobile Network Frees Battery Hens

    More hopeful animal welfare news, this time UK-based. My mobile phone network, giffgaff, impressed me this week with this new scheme to help rescue battery hens that would otherwise be slaughtered after their first laying cycle. For every new customer, giffgaff is donating £4 to the Wood Green...
  5. The Cat's Mother

    Jiangmen City Residents Claim Victory in Saving Their Dogs

    A small but hopeful sign. With another dog cull looming, millions of concerned and outraged Chinese citizens took action. In three days, they flooded online forums, blogs, social networking sites and media outlets.
  6. The Cat's Mother

    Leeds Standing for Sale

    One standing for Leeds available. £40 delivered by recorded delivery (UK) or plus cost of secure delivery to an overseas address. Fisrt to pay, gets. EDIT: I don't get email notifications of PMs so please email me on [email protected] :) EDIT 2: the above is NOT my paypal...
  7. The Cat's Mother

    Who's Off to Leeds, Then?

    Report for duty here. :)
  8. The Cat's Mother

    1 X Grimsby Standing Available

    What it says on the label. PM me. :)
  9. The Cat's Mother

    Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2012

    Yes, it's that time of year again! To raise charity money with 13 photos of knitted Morrisseys in some silly outfits and unlikely settings. The photography is done, the captions written, the whole layout just waiting online for TCM to press the "order" button.... as soon as I can decide between...
  10. The Cat's Mother

    Johnny Marr - BBC Radio 4 12th June

    R4 's Today programme (on NOW). I only half-heard a mention as I woke up, but it seems there's going to be some mention of Johnny and his favourite guitar. Also see the "in video" mention on the Today page: EDIT: NOW!!!!! The feature (at...
  11. The Cat's Mother

    SLC/HAWT Fundraising Totals (Thank You!)

    Thank you to everyone who bought knitted Mini Moz calendars and the surplus "Think Frink" magnets. I'll be sending off cheques tomorrow to Salford Lads Club and Hull Animal Welfare Trust, to the value of £170 each. This is well in excess of our original fundraising targets, thanks to eager...
  12. The Cat's Mother

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    As per the Frink Thread, Facebook and LiveJournal, there would seem to be some interest in the idea of a 2011 charity calendar featuring frinky photographs of my knitted Morrissey dolls. There are two main options; printed and downloadable. A printed calendar requires considerable outlay to...
  13. The Cat's Mother

    Morrissey Flower Thread

    Smiths/Moz song title puns featuring flowers and other ornamental plants and the nurture thereof. Tony the Peony Munich Airplant Disaster 1958 Billy Buddleia The Slum 'Mums Don't make Fern of Daddy's Voice (b-side: There Speaks a True Frond) Pick a Lily Palare The Lupin Dahlia...
  14. The Cat's Mother

    No Government Action Over Ticket Touts

    Link from an email I have just received from Downing Street after signing the "stoptouts" petition.
  15. The Cat's Mother

    Completely Ridiculous Questions About Morrissey

    Save us all some annoyance and ask them here, before they get threads of their own. :rolleyes:
  16. The Cat's Mother

    Harsh RAH Review in Times, Thursday

    By Priya Elan in the Times2 supplement. I can't get the thing to scan full size for some reason, but you can read the feature online HERE Priya, from where I'm sitting, your report is distinctly lacking in Elan.
  17. The Cat's Mother

    Scott Matthew - There is an Ocean that Divides

    Just having my second listen. Anyone else heard it yet? I'm still waiting for my proper copy from Amazon *taps fingers impatiently* so I don't have the credits to hand, but I understand Spencer Cobrin had a hand in this project. :) Meanwhile here's a review (rating 8/10) from the...
  18. The Cat's Mother

    Hull Mail Gig Article and Photos

    Fresh from tonight's Hull Daily Mail... Also on the thisishull web page:
  19. The Cat's Mother

    Ear Plugs at Gigs

    Do you wear ear plugs to protect your hearing at gigs or while you rehearse music? Do you like the fancy noise attenuating type or do you think the simple foam stoppers are just as good? Your shopping recommendations, please. Thanks, Kate :) (First one to reply with "pardon?" is a...
  20. The Cat's Mother

    My Deluxe YoR is Missing Items.

    ...and that's all there is. :( Anyone else have this problem?
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