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  1. Geoffrey Ingram

    Friday Oct 1st Manchester: The Smyths / Star & Garter

    The Smyths playing The Queen Is Dead in its intirety plus all the hits at The Ritz. Then pop over to the S&G for The Smiths / Morrissey Disco. Should be a great night out
  2. Geoffrey Ingram

    How much would you pay if Morrissey did a "Meet 'n' Greet" pre gigs?

    Just bare with me for a moment before diving in..... I know he wouldn't ever do such a thing, but I was in a casino in Vegas today and there was an advert for a Sammy Hagar concert coming up. General admission was $150 and "meet n greet" was $650 including the GA ticket - so $500 to meet him for...
  3. Geoffrey Ingram

    Riot Fest: Morrissey's curated lineup / preview party details released (September 2, 2021)

    Alkaline Trio Patti Smith and her Band Joyce Manor WDRL Kristen Young Related item: Official Facebook: Cruel World confirmed, Pasadena CA., May 14, 2022 - tickets on sale June 11, 2021 - June 7, 2021 Morrissey Central: "NOT HAPPY, NOT SAD" (May 31, 2021) - June 1, 2021
  4. Geoffrey Ingram

    2 front row balcony tickets Vegas Sunday 29th

    Two tickets to the Las Vegas show on Sunday, August 29th. Section 303, Row A, Seat 305 & 306 These are front row balcony seats with no aisle in front of you. So they are comfortable with a completely unobstructed view. Cost $300 each but selling for $195 each OBO.
  5. Geoffrey Ingram

    One Vegas Saturday 28th August ticket for sale

    Managed to get a good deal on another ticket so mine is up for sale Face value $110 Thanks
  6. Geoffrey Ingram

    Morrissey's friend Joey Barton in court again for assault

    Once again Joey Barton has landed himself in trouble. In court for allegedly assaulting a women. He is in court in November for an alleged assault on an opposition manager when in charge at Fleetwood. He has been imprisoned for assaulting someone outside a McDonald's in Liverpool and also found...
  7. Geoffrey Ingram

    Star & Garter Manchester is open again

    First Morrissey disco in 16 months is on Friday 6th August. See you there....
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