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  1. brutalityobscene

    The National on Jimmy Fallon

    Same here. Over the past three weeks, The National has bonked Moz out of my number 1 position :blushing:
  2. brutalityobscene

    Morrissey in new Divine Comedy single and video

    I think that's a High Violet LP in there? That album just came out this week though.
  3. brutalityobscene

    The Smiths: The dirtiest break-up in rock history?

    Worst band break-up ever was Norway's Mayhem. . . except they never really broke up, which makes it funnier.
  4. brutalityobscene

    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    The woman of my dreams, well there never was one
  5. brutalityobscene

    Clooney film uses Morrissey's 'Lost'

    Re: Clooney film uses Mozzer's Lost 55 seconds for me :(
  6. brutalityobscene

    The Smiths Survival Game (The Smiths)

    Reel Around the Fountain - 12 You've Got Everything Now - 9 Miserable Lie - 8 (+1) Pretty Girls Make Graves - 8 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle - 12 Still Ill - 15 Hand in Glove - 10 What Difference Does It Make? - 10 I Don't Owe You Anything - 3 (-1) Suffer Little Children - 12
  7. brutalityobscene

    What was the last Morrissey/Smiths song you listened to?

    "At Last I Am Born" from the Verizon Wireless (Houston) 5-28-2007 bootleg.
  8. brutalityobscene

    why name the album Swords?

    I heard that Princess Di had swords held at her estate. . .
  9. brutalityobscene

    Do you agree or disagree with Morrissey?

    actually, I'd prefer this. Sounds like it would have been a fun night!
  10. brutalityobscene

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 257: OH PHONEY

    "Who can make Hitler seem like a bus conductor? You do!" I gave it a strong nine too, being funny and quirky. It's probably got his most absurd falsetto vocals ever committed to tape, and even Moz sounds like he's having tons of fun. Great song - brilliant or at least near brilliant.
  11. brutalityobscene

    So it's 1983, "Hand In Glove" has just come out, what is your opinion on The Smiths?

    Re: ????? I never liked Hand In Glove. . . I remember not liking it the first time I heard it. So in '83 I might have reluctantly bought the s/t album but I wouldn't have paid attention to them until Queen Is Dead.
  12. brutalityobscene

    Who would you cast as Morrissey in a film about his life?

    Yay! That would have been my choice. One day I plan to write a z-grade sci-fi movie called "Morrissey Vs. the Martians" starring Bruce Campbell. . . stupid fantasy.
  13. brutalityobscene

    Best 'classic' album of the 00's

    The National needs more "end of the decade" noteriety I think. Alligator would be in my top ten for the 00's easily. I voted for LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, and Interpol
  14. brutalityobscene

    what is listed immediately before and after morrissey on your ipod or mp3 player?

    Morgue (French goregrind) Morrissey Mortal Sin (80's thrash) and Smashing Pumpkins The Smiths Snoop Dogg (ha!)
  15. brutalityobscene

    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    I am not the type to boast, as you know (yay!)
  16. brutalityobscene

    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    I offered love and it was not required. . .
  17. brutalityobscene

    "I danced myself into the tomb" lyric origin?

    I always thought the origin was from the original song. . . T. Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" off of Electric Warrior. I guess I'm wrong. Moz might just be trying to impress us with his musical intellect. I also like the Agents Of Oblivion version of this song, superior even to the Moz live cut.
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