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Stephen Wright


Known for iconic images of The Smiths by Salford Lads' Club and an image used for The Queen Is Dead gatefold. Interviewed by Northern Soul (July 4, 2018), the editorial recounts quotes regarding the famous photo shoot:

"...the circumstances leading to Saint Ignatius Walk were equally serendipitous, a combination of the fortuitous and Morrissey’s caprices. Stephen was recruited because Steven “liked the Trade Hall flowers pictures” (a frenetic live concert set – also in the current exhibition – that he had speculatively forwarded to Rough Trade). Morrissey, it seems, chose the location, although the photographer “honestly didn’t know what the Salford Lads Club was…since we didn’t have the internet, everything was folklore or what you read”.

Wright was uncertain whether the light on “a damp, dark day” was sufficient. Even so, several photos were taken. The picture selected wasn’t his favourite of the set: “I think his hair looks better [in the other one].” Nevertheless, the lead singer had the final word: “Morrissey chose it. Morrissey chose everything, I think.”

But Morrissey’s songwriting partner was less enthusiastic. “One of the biographies, it must be Johnny’s, he didn’t like it.” Indeed, Marr looks to be shivering against the prevailing winter cold, while his becardiganed accomplice “stands there, arms folded and smirking slightly like the Mona Lisa”."

A postcard from Morrissey sent to Stephen re: his work (December 26, 1985):

From his website 'about' section, he further recalls:

"I count myself so very lucky, as a huge fan, to have got the opportunity to see and shoot The Smiths live and then to get to meet them and shoot the Salford Lads image.

The first Smiths live show I shot was in 1984 at the Free Trade Hall – I was so skint I could only afford one reel of film and had to walk a long way home. From this show I caught the shot of dead flowers hanging from his jeans. My favourite now is of Morrissey waving flowers above his head – I took it from the side of the stage hidden in the lighting rig . More live shows followed and then Rough Trade asked me to shoot a session …

The Salford Lads session was shot on a cold, dark, winter day – yet somehow it has a darkness that sets the right mood. It seems so casual and un-posed and in a way that’s just how it came together."

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Experienced freelance photographer based in Berkshire

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