08.07.2011 - Middlesborough, Town Hall - FLAC


Morrissey - 2011-07-08 - Middlesborough Town Hall, UK
(Audience FLAC)

From Taper - Excellent DAT recording

CD>Adobe Audition>Quick Filter(boost treble)>CDWAV for track split and FLAC encode Level 8>TLH

01 Panic (Incomplete, first 1min missing
02 First Of The Gang To Die
03 Your The One For Me Fatty
04 Shoplifters Of The World Unite
05 Everyday Is Like Sunday
06 I Want The One I Can't Have
07 I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
08 You Have Killed Me
09 Action Is My Middle Name
10 I Know It's Over
11 Satellite Of Love
12 People Are The Same Everywhere
13 Alma Matters
14 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
15 Ouija Board, Ouija Board
16 Meat is Murder
17 Speedway
18 Irish Blood, English Heart
19 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Thanks so much for EDGE for postig this files!



Irregular Regular

Forget my fate.
Thank you very much for sharing this, I was there and have been waiting for an audience recording to surface.
Excellent quality by the way! :)




i was there and i've been waiting for this , didn't think it would ever surface. thanks
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