12ft Morrissey puppet to be paraded in Manchester


you beat me to it...
this is what i logged in to post!!
i think they all look fairly frightening...
someone posted a comment in the MEN that said moz looked like hank hill and heather looked like mr t!!
as for the two headed gallagher beast, i can just imagine their reaction!!


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Which one is meant to be Morrissey?

I always think there's something a bit Wicker Man about things like this.


My secret's my enzyme.

(When has Morrissey ever worn white shoes?)
They should have done one of Ian Curtis, I'd imagine the awkward way these things move would be quite reminiscent of the way he 'danced'...:o
...Hope I'm not pissing on the kids work, but...the first time I saw the pic, the "Morrissey" looked more like a puppet of Mr. spock....I didn't have a clue who the centre one was, but "Got" the Gallagher one straight away...
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