Morrissey A-Z: "Knockabout World"

As This Charming Bowie said, Morrissey coming out of his comfort zone musically and leaving pub rock aside for once was very welcomed and sounded great on Jim Jim Falls.

The lyrics here are for too thin/brief/generic for my tastes, but the voice is strong.


I love this song. Great percussion and production and I love how the welcome to line wobbles and sways like a person shoved and wobbling but regaining there balance. Didn’t know about the cliff richard references whom I really like


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One of his better recent songs. As usual, a lighter musical touch works wonders for Morrissey. The lyrics are dull as shit, but taken as a whole it wouldn't sound out of place sitting between "Lucky Lisp" and "Such a Little Thing..."

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Great to see all the luv for this one, and a bit surprising.

Not one of my favorites. The verse is great, arrangements, and of course that voice. The hook of the chorus I find a little annoying, I understand it’s his version of a pop song, like KissMAL, wish it went deeper somewhere though. The subject being Cliff saves it for me.


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Any song with the line “perfect teeth” in it is fine with me.
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