Question about Last Night cd single


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I have a question about the CD Last Night I Dreamt...
The cd I have is a gold one. I can't find any mention of it on Passions Just Like Mine or on Discogs.
Somebody has some information about it ?


From Passions Just Like Mine:

UK CD5 [Rough Trade RTT200CD]
This was the first ever UK cd-single for the Smiths. The front and back artwork is based on that of the vinyl formats, with a slightly different text layout (view left). There is no booklet, just a square insert. The back of it features a track listing with song credits. The cd is gold with text printed directly onto it in dark brown.


The alternate silver (MPO pressed) disc for this release is much more obscure / harder to come across. Although its content is exactly the same as the gold variant!
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