Smiths...Best I & II limited edition wooden boxes


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Hi there,

I decided to sell part of my Morrissey/Smiths collection, now I have these two
Smiths...Best CDs for sale. They each come in a heavy wooden box containing the original Audio CD (never played) and booklet with unique handmade engravement on the top.
Best I features Morrissey&Marr on top and is numbered 116 of 1000, Best II bears an engravement of Morrissey while numbered 181 of 1000.

The CDs have not been played or used in any way, the booklets were always kept in the boxes. I stored the boxes in a dry place so these items are in absolutely excellent condition. Collector's items.

I have them listed on ebay if you like to see pictures, but I will cancel these auctions for reasonable offers!

Best regards,

Best I:

Best II:
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