Celebrity Death Pool 2015

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I have two picks left so I guess I'll finally make them. In the past five or six weeks we've lost two extraordinary people. Actor Edward Herrmann passed away and by all accounts he was a thoughtful, kind, caring, and genuinely good human being. He acted in tons of television series, motion pictures, and plays. My favorite performance of his was when he portrayed a visiting surgeon in the exceptional television series, "M*A*S*H." The eighth season episode is entitled "Heal Thyself." This episode showcases phenomenal performances by Mr. Herrmann and the entire cast of "M*A*S*H."

Edward Herrmann.jpg

Edward Herrmann as Captain Newsome in "Heal Thyself."

Late Saturday night one of the greatest basketball coaches in history passed away. Dean Smith, who was the head coach of the University of North Carolina men's basketball program for decades, died at home with his family by his bedside. What a man. He stood tall for Civil Rights, recruiting the first African American college basketball player in the SEC conference, and spoke frequently on the issue. He was an outspoken opponent of the death penalty. 96% of his players graduated from North Carolina, repeat 96%. Although he wasn't the overall greatest coach in the history of college basketball, John Wooden was, he was almost certainly the greatest X's and O's coach of all-time. He developed the "Scramble" full-court defense, was one of the pioneers of the now antiquated "Four-Corner offense," literally invented the on-the-court huddle for his players, and created the beautiful tradition of having his players wave or point to the man, who passed them the ball, if they scored. He was the type of person who cared about everyone, which is very rare. His entire humble life he exuded selflessness, in an increasingly sick, and disturbingly selfish world. He too was by all accounts a genuinely beautiful person.

Michael and Dean.jpg

Michael Jordan & Dean Smith

Here's my final two picks.....

#9) George Segal, actor, age 80. He's almost 81.

George Segal and Glenda Jackson.jpg

George Segal and Glenda Jackson. A still shot from "A Touch of Class" (1973.)

#10) Maurice Benard, actor, age 51.

I love Maurice Benard. I was a huge fan of "General Hospital," in the mid-to-late nineties, and really didn't miss an episode for about five years. Maurice Benard wasn't my favorite actor on the show, Stephen Nichols was, but I liked him a lot. He's been playing mob boss Sonny Carinthos on "GH" since 1993. (I did read something that he may leave the show soon though.) I also like Maurice because of his wonderful work with Mental Health America and for having the guts to be so open and honest in discussing his bipolar disorder. Here's a snippet from Wikipedia detailing this......

"Benard was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 22. He has since become a spokesperson for treatment of the disorder with Mental Health America.[2] His character, Sonny Corinthos, also suffers from the disorder." (Wikipedia.)

I didn't pick Maurice or George Segal because I'm rooting for their demise. I picked them because I love their work. The same can be said for Glenda Jackson who is pictured above, and who I also almost picked.


Maurice Benard and Steve Burton.

"Ganglord" by Morrissey

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