"Honey You Know Where To Find Me" #23 in UK best selling vinyl singles of 2020 - NME

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shoplifterromo writes:

The best-selling singles of 2020 U.K. chart has been announced by the Official Charts Company (OCC).

NME lists Morrissey’s “Honey You Know Where To Find Me” at number 23 in the year’s top 40 chart.

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Armond White's Best Pop Music of 2020 includes IANADOAC - National Review

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I Am Not A Dog On A Chain made it into one end of year list. Unsurprisingly, it's Armond White's: Best Pop Music of 2020 | National Review

I Am Not a Dog on a Chain, by Morrissey

"A call to arms, legs, the body parts in between, and, ultimately, a call for courage. The title track takes inspiration from ’60s Bob Dylan while the entire album speaks to the political ruses and personal evasions of the time — ours and Morrissey’s own, which he always teases. His electrifying duet with Thelma Houston calls out hypocrisy yet offers affection. Every track — each one about the adventure of living — is more than relevant; they feel immediate."

Fiona Dodwell YT: "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" video project (January 4, 2021)

Morrissey Central "Gerry Marsden (1942 - 2021)" (January 4, 2021)

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Morrissey Central "I’M PLAYING EASY TO GET" & "DID YOU SEE THE SAD RICH?" (January 3, 2021)

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by Sara Bini
[written by Morrissey]

She's got a lot of cover versions on her channel. I was wondering when Central would pick up.



Murray Chalmers briefly talks about Morrissey, Courtney Love on the Four Marys (The Courier)

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Stan writes:

Murray Chalmers has a rather obscure mention of M in his recent column for The Courier, a newspaper that covers East Scotland.



"It’s nothing to reminisce fondly about but we were very poor, so poor that our neighbours would give me comics when their own kids had finished with them.

Their children were all girls though so, even now, what I can’t tell you about the Cathy and Claire column in Jackie and the Four Marys in Bunty just isn’t worth remembering. (Incidentally, when I used to work with Morrissey, I once proudly told him the above fact and he told me that Courtney Love was also an expert on the Four Marys. I have no idea how the Marys crossed the Atlantic or how they affected Courtney’s music, lyrics or lifestyle but am glad to share such an arcane knowledge with such an esteemed rocker.)"

Morrissey Central "THANK ALL THE GODS !" (December 31, 2020)

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