Ricky Gervais, Robbie Williams sing Smiths/Morrissey in live broadcasts

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(originally posted in Strange/unexpected Moz references?)

Ricky Gervais opens a live FB broadcast with The Smiths (very brief):

April 1:

Robbie Williams via an IG live broadcast (March 31) he's calling Coronaoke - he 'sings' Suedehead. Chopped out of the hour long broadcast by myself - it's not really worth the waiting to upload it all to vimeo - so just the relevant part:


Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: A Study in the Politics and Aesthetics of English Misery by Owen Hatherley - Verso

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Middle class Marxist 30-something and his attempt to understand M.

The Atlantic's pandemic playlist includes "My Hurling Days Are Done"

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The Atlantic (one of America's few sane media outlets these days) has a short piece about 13 songs to help get through the pandemic, and includes this great write-up (by James Parker) of "My Hurling Days Are Done":

Forgive him his trespasses, as he might—actually probably wouldn’t—forgive yours. A yodeler on the Alp of himself, calling in his lost sheep, his black sheep, his whipping boys, in that rich and curling tenor, this, ah, complex individual is still in magnificent voice, and still capable of writing superbly, as demonstrated by this cut from his new album, I Am Not a Dog On a Chain.

I'll stick my neck out and suggest that "A yodeler on the Alp of himself" is my favourite description of Morrissey, ever.

The Smiths ~ "This Charming Man" TOTP...in 4K?

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This was posted on The Smiths 'official' YouTube channel this past Thursday. Apologies if this was posted previously, í never saw it.

It says it's available in 4K, which is clearly bollocks, as it's BBC videotape which is probably barely HD, let alone UHD.
But still a nice clean, 'live' version. Unlike the 'Complete Picture' version.


IANADOAC debuts in Billboard album sales charts (US) - #19 in Top Album Sales

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According to the Billboard weekly charts for April 4, 2020, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain debuts at:

#19 in Top Album Sales
#18 in Top Current Album Sales
#44 in Independent Albums
#17 in Vinyl Albums
#6 in Tastemakers

It did not make the Billboard 200

Billboard Chart History - Morrissey

Rolling Stone Germany review by Arne Willander - IANADOC 4/5

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has their 4/5 stars review been mentioned here before?
rollingstonegermanyreview ianadoac
it praises the songs' melodies and his "absolute freedom to enjoy his privilege of fools that produces wondrous flowery effects".

Rolling Stone Germany: April, 2020 - free CD with a Morrissey track

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Not something you see too often these days, but I Am Not A Dog On A Chain features as a free track.

Minor in collectible terms, but some will want it for novelty value I'm sure.
Thanks to Krix for the info.

Morrissey Central site currently down - domain registry expired

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For anyone trying to access articles that we have linked to:
It would appear Morrissey Central is currently down (SER's site via the same company is working).
The domain's registration expired yesterday (29th) and will probably reappear when someone remembers to pay up :)
Not a major story, just an explanation as to why access has stopped - I'm guessing it will be rectified shortly.

UPDATE Mar. 31:

Alternate URL is currently working:

Update April 3:

Regular URL now working.

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