Fiona Dodwell: "Clones and conformity: Why cancel culture keeps fans thankful for Morrissey" (January 24, 2021)

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Clones and conformity: Why cancel culture keeps fans thankful for Morrissey

"Morrissey has found himself slandered and targeted by mainstream publications who viscously criticise his words without even examining why he said them."


"Kill Uncle" at 30: Oddball album or timeless classic? - Dickie Felton

The Smiths Official YT: "What Difference Does It Make?" - TOTP '84 (January 20, 2021)

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(Perhaps a nod to the debated release date? I remember buying it on the Monday back then, but what do I know!?).

Young pop singer Olivia Rodrigo wearing Morrissey shirt

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Don't know much about this person but one of my daughters follows her on Twitter and liked this tweet, so I saw it.

Sylvain Sylvain dies (January 13, 2021)

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Rest in peace Sylvain Sylvain Mizrahi.

Official confirmation via FB:

Very sad news.

Now the topic of a Central post:

Morrissey Central "TO SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE" (January 13, 2021)

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Morrissey Central "THE BOY WITH THE QUORN BY HIS SIDE" (January 13, 2021)

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Music nut opens The Smiths-theme curry house with dishes named after songs.

The Sun

No link, just the text. Mentioned today by @Famous when dead here as well:

Related item:
Media items:

Morrissey Central "ELVIS RICHARDSON MEETS CHARLIE PRESLEY" (January 13, 2021)

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