Morrissey Central "Alert!" (October 26, 2020)

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Morrissey Central "NBA2K" (October 26, 2020)

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Image first shared here and by Twitter: September, 2018 (image source now deleted).

Damon Albarn on Morrissey's potential Gorillaz collaboration

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"I've had some hilarious emails from Morrissey as you would imagine. But I don't think he's a collaborator. And this was before his stupidness. Just for the record."

From The Times. October 2020.

Morrissey Central "DO YOU REMEMBER … FAR BACK IN TIME …" (October 22, 2020)

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Morrissey Central "ROBERT PATTINSON" (October 20, 2020)

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Morrissey Central "LA CERVEZA" (October 19, 2020)

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As already posted in the 'Strange...' thread:


Images via 'dewildesbeer' on IG.

The first couple in the world to marry at Salford Lads Club - Manchester Evening News

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Iconic building will stage couple's big day in May


Joy Ainsley can't wait to tie the knot with her charming man.

There might even be a vicar in a tutu.

For they will be the first couple in the world to marry at Salford Lads Club since it got a licence to stage weddings.

The red-brick Edwardian building has global iconic status after being used for a photo shoot of The Smiths.

The image, by Stephen Wright is now displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

It was used on the inner-sleeve of The Queen Is Dead album from 1986, and later on T-shirts to raise vital funds for the club.

Joy, 45, and the groom, Dean Baylin, 46, are life-long fans of the band and Morrissey. They even take their teenage children to see Mozza in concert.

At Christmas they each intend to have a Salford Lads Club tattoo.

Joy said: "We can't...

Post Millennial: "Morrissey: How did the ultimate anti-establishment artist make it against all odds?" by Fiona Dodwell (October 17, 2020)

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"We have become acclimatized to safe public figures who brand themselves as a commodity like a soft drink, palatable at first but devoid of any substantial nourishment."


UPDATE Oct. 18:

Posted by Nerak:

It's now linked on Central.

With a Linder photo.

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Morrissey Central "NBA2K" (October 26, 2020)
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