Morrissey- Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Morrissey critics are hypocrites and liars. They conflate the things he says, misrepresent his views and his support for the nationalist party For Britain. All the articles that continue to come from music rags such as The Guardian and NME, paint Morrissey as a villain with the common themes of "racist", "alt-right", "nazi" "white supremecy" "islamophobia" . All the trigger words. All this outrage based on a few out of context statements , wearing a pin and showing support for free speech , Tommy, For Britain and recognizing patterns. Morrissey has shown consistent character throughout his life in the lime light, he speaks what he believes. Bear in mind all these "vile" acts from Morrissey run no deeper than words. He is a humanitarian in a true sense and fights for the life of animals. Meanwhile these same "journalists" praise and support musicians who have gone beyond words to actual palpable and damaging acts of criminality and evil...If they or any critics here still support the artists in this clip yet object to Morrissey really need to re-align their moral compass

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